Steve Peters

Steve Peters was born and raised in suburban Philadelphia. He is a graduate of Penn State University and a Vietnam veteran. After forty years in Human Resources and Hospital Administration Steve and his wife Judy moved to North Carolina to be close to their grand children and North Carolina's beautiful Crystal Coast.

Steve is a member of the Carteret Writers group. He enjoys hunting, fishing, golf and writing. He is the author of many short stories and a children's book, Tyler's Park The Autobiography of a Yellow Lab. Steve and his wife Judy live in Cape Carteret, NC with their two Labrador Retrievers Zach and Stu.

​​​​​"Thank you for telling Sandra's story. I knew her, but had no idea the extent of her background." – Claudia H.  

"Highly recommended for a great read... this book I devoured!" –  Alissa T. 

"This is the only book I have ever read four times!"

– Cindy J.

"A deeply moving story about a mother's love for her child and the least talked about issue in our country – human trafficking." –  Barbara L.​

"Don't start reading this after 8pm, I didn't go to bed until 5am!" – Nate C.

"I love novels based on true stories, especially one as compelling as this... It's hard not to connect with Sandra throughout both books!" – Leigh B.

"Never saw that ending coming..." – Don P.  

"The author has captured the horror of the serial killings as well as the terror of the Storm of the Century... well done!" – Nancy S.

"I've followed Sandra for the last two years. I love the way the author brings the trilogy full circle." – Judy P.

"Something Dangerous really is... Sandra reminds me of Lisbeth Salander from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; each quirky, really intelligent and an expert in her field. This series would make three great movies!" – Betsy S.

"Just finished reading Something Dangerous, and it brings more suspense, heartbreak and humorous relief just when you need it the most! The imagery brings me right back to the Crystal Coast." – Paulette S.

​"Great characters, they stay in your head a long time." - Les H. 

​"It wasn't until I read the last page of Something Dangerous and reread the first chapter of The Outlaw that I realized the theme of these novels- the importance of family. Nice job!" - Carol M.