‚ÄčThis gritty southern novel tells the story of the Crystal Coast's most notorious woman. The Outlaw Sandra Love is a fast-paced, pull no punches, true back story of a teenage mother whose seriously ill child motivates her transition from waitress to prostitute to call girl for the Chicago Outfit and leads her into working undercover for the FBI in order to break a syndicate of men trafficking underage women from the rural south, north for the purpose of prostitution.

The Outlaw Sandra Love

From the award winning novelist comes the third Sandra Love novel, another fast-paced action adventure based on true events about the Crystal Coast's most notorious woman. Following one of the nation's largest drug busts in the Beaufort Inlet on July 7, 1982, two local motorcycle clubs patch over in preparation for the invasion of an outlaw motorcycle gang bent on taking control of the marijuana trade on the Crystal Coast. Sandra has returned to her summer job working for Captain Joe Price aboard his charter sport fishing boat, the Judy May, out of Swansboro. Captain Joe and Sandra enjoy riding motorcycles on their time off. While together on a ride out, a chance encounter with the bikers in a local bar and grille begins a series of events that leads our heroine into something dangerous.

The Return of Sandra Love

Something Dangerous

She's Back! The Crystal Coast's most notorious woman is back and this time she is pitted against one of the most brutal serial killers in North Carolina history. Set in 1980, she is using her vast knowledge of the wilderness and her survival skills as a hunting guide in the Croatan National Forest.

While guiding a wealthy attorney from Raleigh and his fourteen year old daughter on her first hunt, they discover the naked body of a young woman, the killer's first victim. She is quickly drawn into working with federal, state and local authorities tracking down the maniac, but who is tracking whom? As her relationship with her client deepens and the Storm of the Century approaches the Crystal Coast, the killer turns his attention towards our heroine.